30L SS Conical Fermenter Gen 2

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Keg-King Gen 2 30L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters 

Keg-King Gen 2 30L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters now include a stainless steel thermo port that will accept the temperature probe of our MKII Temp Controllers. The thermo port also comes complete with a 1/2 inch BSP Female attachement so brewers can choose to fit our Bi-Metal 3inch Dial Long Stem Thermometer into the port (part 5328).

Keg-King Gen 2 30L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters provide brewers with the ease of conical fermentation and the durability of stainless steel construction. These compact, versitile fermenters have a maximum capacity of 32L filled to the brim which gives brewers the headspace they need to do single batch (23 to 25L) brewing.

Each Keg-King 30L Conical Fermenter tank is constructed of 1mm 304 stainless steel. The bottom of the cone is fitted with a 3/4 inch dump valve and above the cone a second knockout port is fitted with a 8mm barbed ball valve that inlcudes a 100mm internal SS racking arm. 

Stainless Steel Leg extenders are also included with each unit and provide an extra 10cm of height for brewers that would like to orient the unit's bottom dump valve slightly higher off the ground. 

The lids on each unit are held fast by four tank mounted clips. Each lid also includes a silicone gasket to seal the lid tightly to the fermenter body. The lids also contain a 15mm hole for inserting a silicone bung and airlock (included with each unit) or for inserting a length of silicone tubing for creating a blow off containment system. 

Stainless Steel handles are attached to the fermenter tanks. The handles are strong enough to handle the weight of the full fermenter. 

The fermenters are stackable so that one fermenter can sit atop another, x1 high. 

Lid diameter = 340mm
Height with leg extensions = 685mm
Height without leg extensions = 675mm
Total height with leg extensions, bung and three piece airlock fitted to lid = 795mm

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