Fuggles Hops 100g

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Fuggles possess a very well rounded flavor and aroma. Used primaraly for finishing and dry hopping in English ales, especially Pale ales, Porters, Stouts.

Hop pellets come vacuum packed in a light-proof, resealable bag.

Product Origin : UK


A hop long associated with typical English Ale brewing. Fuggle has typical English flavour, frequently blended with Goldings to improve "drinkability" of the beer, and adding roundness and fullness to the palate. This robust hop contributes all the essential characteristics of flavour, aroma and balanced bitterness to ales, particularly as its relatively low alpha acid content requires a high hopping rate to achieve desired bitterness levels. Sometimes used as a distinctive dry hop. Typical usage: All English style Ales, ESB, Bitter, Lager


Alpha Acid: 3 – 6%


Typical Usage: Aroma


Possible Substitutions: Willamette, Styrian Goldings

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